EVIDECOR® Stone carpets

EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufacture colored quartz sand for the execution of stone carpets with epoxi,acrylic and polyurethane resins.

Starting with 2007  introduced on the market the new range of colored sands for paving, with superior chemical features, that cover a wide range of usages concerning the compatibility with metyl metacrylate,epoxi and polyurethane resin,used in the execution of stone carpets, the execution of industrial and commercial paving as well as in the production of plaster mosaic.

Technical specifications

Granulation: 1,20 – 1,80 mm , 2-4 mm,3-7 mm

Colors: For the complete list, click here.
Chemical: SiO2 min. 98%, Fe2O3 max. 0,25%, Al 2O3 max. 0,70%.

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We manufacture stone carpets  applicators team agreed EVIDECOR® or we provide only materials  ,, turnkey “.

For those who only buy materials from us, we provide very explicit documentation to apply stone carpet and not least our entire experience.

You can choose a carpet stone where there are no obstacles on the diversity of colors.

It is impossible to have setbacks on large amounts of quartz.
Our factory can manufacture foe honor of every color and quantity of colored quartz or natural the shortest time.

  Details at tel: office@evidecor.ro



Bags 25 kg
Bigbags 1000 kg
Upon express demand, the large quantity of products can pack in a different type of packing materials.
Customized packaging materials from the clients are also accepted.
Paneling: 1000, 1200 kg

Colors mixtures

Upon request, there can be executed mixtures of 2. 3,4 colors

Color choice

The manufacturer’s assistance will be asked when choosing a color, depending on the final paving destination (indoor or outdoor).
This action is necessary for choosing the high resistance color depending on the final destination.

Example: it is not recommended the usage of red screaming sand, screaming yellow, green, etc with paving that are executed outdoors, as the U.V and exterior resistance of these colors is smaller than the resistance of the other 50 colors that can be executed by our company (but they can be used without any restriction on indoor paving).

Their usage without manufacturer’s assistance will involve all the liabilities that emerge on the executant’s behalf.


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The execution of industrial paving ,floors,where various epoxy and polyurethane resins, usually without solvent , are used as a binding agent.


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Colored quartz sand to stone carpets Photo gallery


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*The colors displayed by your monitor are a guideline; there can be different nuances from the original colors.