EVIDECOR® Aquaristics

EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   is the sole Romanian producer of colored sand and quartz for aquarium decoration, colored sand and natural quartz, the sole specialized importer for EVIDECOR® exotic aquarium stones .

Technical specifications

Chemical: SiO2 min. 98%, PH: 6,8 neutral (laboratory determination after three repeated rinsing in cold water, water / colored quartz 5/1 p.g. ratio)

They create a pleasant environment in aquaria decoration.

The products are not water – soluble, are not toxic, flammable and do not support combustion, need no precaution when manipulated and during direct and unprotected contact. They are inert, do not damage the aquatic environment, don’t contain organic impurities, bacteria or pathogen agents, do not modify the water hardness, the water PH from the aquarium.

All these features refer to the products from the new product range 2007 EVIDECOR Colored sand .

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Aquaria, terrarium, as well as other underwater arrangements, etc.

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