Colored quartz sand to industrial floors epoxy, polyurethane – EVIDECOR®


EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufacture special colored sand for the industry of industrial, decorative and commercial paving. It is used in the execution of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic PMMA paving

They are manufactured by S.C. Evident Ltd since 2002 and are trade under the name of EVIDECOR® – Decorative sand for paving..

The experience accumulated up to present, together with the portfolio of clients that is increasing every year, give us the right to believe that our position of market leader in Romania in the production of colored sand for industrial and decorative paving is not contingent and will be consolidated in the following years.

For the complete satisfaction of our clients concerning the quality of products, starting with 2007, Evident Ltd. introduced on the market the new range of colored sands for industrial and decorative paving, with superior chemical features, that cover a wide range of usages concerning the compatibility with synthetic resins used in the industry of industrial and commercial paving, as well as in the production of tessellated coatings.

The special colored sands for paving are used as an esthetic resistance layer in the execution of industrial and commercial paving.

In essence, they are best quality quartzes, colored through a modern technology, in a colored panel of over 50 colors.

The industrial paving can be used in various fields, as: slaughter house paving, meat processing halls paving, meat factories paving, beer bottling, wine bottling, mineral water bottling, milk products processing units, bakery products, sweets production, commercial spaces paving, policlinics, residential buildings, parking places, auto showrooms, bars and restaurants, hotels, various consumer goods factories, etc.

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