Colored sand for ashtray ,,SCRUMAROMA”

SCRUMAROMA is a new product on the consumer goods market, intended for the persons who want to eliminate the unpleasant odors emanated by the ash tray.

It is presented in 5 (five) combinations full of refinement, between color and flavor, specially created for the comfort of each one of us. The concept Nature in Your home is shaped this time in natural flavors emanated by the ash tray, eliminating the unpleasant smell of cigarette stamps, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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  • The flavors inspired from nature, carefully selected by our specialists, successfully eliminate the unpleasant odor from the ash tray.
  • Through their maximum penetration power, the flavoring compounds penetrate into the cigarette stamps blocking at the molecular level the unpleasant odors emission.
  • It contains EVIDECOR® – ecologic decorative sand, created through the latest technologies.
  • Carefully controlled granulometry.
  • We protect the nature through a recyclable PET packaging and through EVIDECOR®ecologic sand.


  • Wide flavor range: WILD MINT, GREEN APPLE, LILAC, and OCEAN.
  • The right to choose is yours.
  • They create a note of refinement, a favorable image for the event you organize.
  • Artistic combination of color harmony and specific flavor.
  • It allows a reduced consumption with maximum efficiency.
  • Convenient price / excellent quality .
  • Quality / price ratio = customer advantage.


150 grams pet .
40 pieces box x 150 grams / pet
Upon request, another type of packaging material for collective consumptions can be chosen.


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