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EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   trades natural exotic stones for usage in garden architecture, our company being direct importer for these products.

Photo gallery exotic stones architecture–landscaping

Technical specifications

Granulation: 10,00 – 20,00 cm, 20,00 – 40,00 cm
Granulation rounded white: 7,0 – 15,0 mm
Colors: natural *.
Nature of rocks: basalt, granite, volcanic lava, travertine, marble.

The products are not water soluble and are not toxic.


1 -1.5 tones tanks or on kilogram, depending on the client’s order.


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Within the available stock, on the principle the first arrived, the first served.


Landscaping architecture, gardens, ponds, artisan wells, waterfalls, rockeries, aquaristics, various decorations.

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