Colored sand for montage synthetic grass – EVIDECOR® Sport

We manufacture colored sand for synthetic lawns in a colored panel of 4 colors,or optional more.

It is a fine quartz sand, specially colored to be similar to synthetic lawn. It is an important accessory for the synthetic lawn, as it insures a correct, attenuate and uniformly colored play surface, including the areas where the physical wearing would objectively form, due to friction.

Photo gallery colored sand for montage synthetic lawn

Technical specifications

Granulation: 0,30 – 0,80 mm

U.V. resistance: excellent – inorganic colors with maximum resistances to U.V and exterior environment agents.

Temperature resistance : excellent within the interval – 20 0C … + 40 0C

Colors: 3,

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Chemical: SiO2 min. 98%, Fe2O3 max. 0,25%, Al 2O3 max. 0,70%.

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Bigbags 1000 kg
Upon express demand, the large quantity of products can pack in a different type of packing materials.
Customized packaging materials from the clients are also accepted.
Paneling: 1000, 1200 kg


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To assemble the synthetic lawn for football, golf, tennis.


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