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EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufactures and trades natural quartz stones and calcium carbonate.

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Technical specifications

Granulation :
- quartz: 3,00 – 7,00 mm
- calcium carbonate:  7,00 – 12,00 mm, 7,00 – 15,00 mm
Colors: natural *.

Chemical: SiO2 min. 98%, PH: 6,8  neutral (laboratory determination after three repeated rinsing in cold water, water / colored quartz 5/1 p.g. ratio)

The products are not water – soluble, are not toxic, flammable and do not support combustion, need no precaution when manipulated and during direct and unprotected contact.

They are inert, do not damage the aquatic environment, don’t contain organic impurities, bacteria or pathogen agents, and do not modify the water hardness or the water PH from the aquarium.


12 kg box (packed in 1 kg bags)

Bags 25 kg

Bigbag 1000 kg


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Aquaria, terrarium, as well as other underwater arrangements, etc.

The natural stones following to be introduced into the aquarium is rinsed at least 3 (three) times in cold water, the rinsing water is disposed of after each operation and fresh cold water is introduced.

There must be taken into account the fact that these stones do not contain any impurity and subsequently, there is no possibility for the natural plants from the aquarium to feed from the natural stones substrate.

In order to grow natural plants into an aquarium decorated with natural stones, the plants must be sowed in glasses with organic substrate (peat earth, nourishing sandy earth) which is masked into the natural decorative stones substrate.

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