EVIDECOR® Colored quartz sand to plaster mosaic

EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufacture a wide range of colored sand for the production of plaster mosaic, in a colored panel of over 50 colors.

This range of products was introduced in the production line since 2007.

The excellent compatibility with acrylic – styrene copolymers and pure acrylic water dispersions make EVIDECOR®Colored sand for tessellated coating one of the best products on the market and the sole product manufactured exclusively in Romania .

Due to the fact that we manufacture colored sand for plaster mosaic, we decided that, since the autumn of 2007, to become also manufacturers of already prepared plaster mosaic to colored quartz sand.

Thus , there is the possibility for each coating to be customized according to customer’s intention, and under no circumstance according to the subjective perspective of the manufacturer.

We suggest two rages of prepared plaster mosaic : indoor and outdoor. These will be customized in three granulometric ranges and a variety of colors.

Basically each buyer will be able o chose the size of granules and colors according to the final destination.

We address both to all the existing companies that manufacture this type of plaster mosaic colored quartz sand and to the companies that want to start manufacturing the plaster mosaic

For those who want to start manufacturing tessellated coating, we have prepared a free franchise contract and our complete support to start this kind of production starting with the spring of 2008.

For further details, do not hesitate to contact us.

We present some colored quartz sand colors for plaster mosaic that can be applied both on indoor and outdoor.

For the complete color list click here.

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