Natural stones – EVIDECOR® Decorations

EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufactures and trades quartz stones and calcium carbonate.

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Technical specifications

- quartz: 3,00 – 7,00 mm,
- calcium carbonate: 4,00 – 8,00 mm, 7,00 – 15,00 mm,
Colors: natural *.

The products are not water – soluble, are not toxic, flammable and do not support combustion, need no precaution when manipulated and during direct and unprotected contact.


12 kg box (packed in 1 kg bags)

Bags 25 kg

Bigbags 1000 kg


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Decoration of flower pots, landscape architecture, arrangements in bowls and glass bowls, wet arrangements, aquaristics, and various decorations. Other usages remain at client’s election and imagination.

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*The colors displayed by your monitor are a guideline; there can be different nuances from the original colors.