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EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L   manufactures fine colored sand for assembling the football, golf, tennis synthetic lawn.

We manufacture colored sand for synthetic lawns in a colored panel of 4 colors.

We manufacture colored stones that have as destination the landscaping architecture of opened areas in the colors of sports clubs, the arrangement of flower pots in the colors of the sports club, colored sand in the colors of the sports club for the area in front of reserve bench.

We manufacture tessellated coating in the colors of the sports club for the conference room, access hall to locker rooms, the front side of the club, the base of sports club.

Photo gallery colored sand for montage synthetic lawns

U.V. resistance: excellent – inorganic colors with maximum resistances to U.V and exterior environment agents.

Temperature resistance :excellent within the interval – 20 0C … + 40 0C

Colors: 4

Chemical: SiO2 min. 98%, Fe2O3 max. 0,25%, Al 2O3 max. 0,70%.

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Bigbags 1000 kg


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To assemble the synthetic lawn for football, golf, tennis.

Photo gallery colored sand  for sports clubs

Photo gallery tessellated coating in the colors of sports club

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