EVIDECOR® Decorations


  • They are colored decorative sands and colored stones, manufactured with a modern technology, using the best raw materials.
  • They are traded under the trademark EVIDECOR®, property of EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L
  • The products are not water – soluble, are not toxic, flammable and do not support combustion, need no precaution when manipulated and during direct and unprotected contact
  • The color panel includes over 50 colors of colored sand , stones and quartz. In the current production there is a standard colors panel: red, yellow, dark blue, light blue, light green, dark green, orange, mauve, brown, black, white. Other colors than the standard ones are produced on the basis of a firm order from the client.
  • Together with the colored sans, stones and quartz, we also include in our offer a wide range of rare and natural exotic stones, for which S.C. EVIDECOR Company  S.R.L. is a direct importer.
  • They create a pleasant environment, have the role of natural barrier against water evaporation from flower pots and floral arrangements .
  • Due to the fact that they can be produced in a wide range of colors and sizes, the products are the requisite accessory in many of the interior or exterior decorations, decorations in dry or wet environment.
  • The carefully selected aggregate grading represents the feature that defines all EVIDECOR® products.

They were tested in the laboratories of Research Institute PROCEMA S.A Bucharest – Timisoara subsidiary, being fitted for their intended purpose.



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